Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is an ancient Indian Mathematics tool. Vedic Mathematics is based on a part of Parishishta of Atharva Veda. There are four Vedas. It is a system of Mathematics consisting of 16 Basic Sutras. These Sutras can be called as formulas, Techniques, tricks or even some call it as Magical Tricks. By using these techniques, we can visualise the answer within the question itself. They were presented by a Hindu Scholar and Mathematician Jagadguru Swami Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji Maharaj between the years 1911 and 1917.

Vedic maths can be extensively used in competitive examinations where speed and accuracy is the key. In NetStudy Vedic Mathematics is online Tutorial with validity of 3 months. After e-Learning, online Certification Exam will be conducted. We have 3 levels for vedic mathematics.

Benefits of Vedic Mathematics

  • Requires less time to solve mathematical problems
  • Short process to get the answers, which is within the question itself
  • Very simple mathematical calculation process, hence high speed and accuracy
  • No need to memorize mutiple formulae to solve mathematical calculations
  • Mathematical Tables only up to 9 are required to solve the problems
  • Helps eliminate silly mistakes in calculation
  • It encourages speed and acuracy of mental calculations

Who will benefit?

  • Students who are in School /Colleges
  • Students appearing for Entrance or competitive Examinations like MBA/UPSC/MPSC/GMAT/MBA-CAT/CET/IIT-JEE/Railway recruitment/Banking/Staff Selection Commission(SSC) etc.
  • Professionals who require high speed calculation

Examples of Vedic Mathematics

Test Fees

  • Rs. 1500/- Per Candidate