Career Guidance and Evaluation test (C-GET)

C-GET has been developed using scientific and proven methodology, C-GET identifies student’s strength and Area of Improvement. We have seen in India so many students having made wrong career choices and then repenting later. India is moving beyond the traditional professions of Engineering and Medicine. Presently career planning is mostly influenced by Parents, Friends, Media, and Trends etc. without considering own potential and interest. Luckily for us in the 21st century there is an opportunity to make a career in whatever you are good at.

The need for Career Guidance and Evaluation Test (C-GET) Today:

  • Too many career options
  • Unaware of Self Competency and Strengths
  • Social/Peer Pressure
  • Low in Confidence considering the present employment scenario
  • Not aware of Correlation between self competencies and career options
  • Lack of scientific guidance

Implications of wrong Career Choices:

  • Lose interest in Academics
  • Poor performance in chosen career
  • Poor Attendance
  • Low Confidence
  • Rebellious and Depression

Methodology of C-GET:

  • A Student appear for an On – Line Evaluation
  • Instant Results
  • A detailed report generation with analysis from Psychologist
  • A Twelve Page Analysis Report Generation
  • Counselling by our Psychologist either in person or through Media
  • Our recommendations
  • Follow – ups if required*

Personal Attributes tested in C-GET :

  • Aptitude
  • Personality
  • Personal Interests
  • IQ
  • Parent Input
  • Personal Achievements

Age Group

  • 13-18 Years

Test Fees

  • Rs. 1500/- Per Candidate