Career Guidance and Evaluation test (C-GET-II) For Fresher’s and Recruiters

In today’s era where there are many jobs and options available in the market, it tends to create a state of confusion for both the individuals as well as the organisations regarding the placement and selection. From the individual’s perspective, the greatest confusion is regarding which job to go for and is he/she capable for the job description. The organisation also goes to a similar phase. Every year there are hundreds and hundreds of candidates applying for the job and the organisation needs to select only a few. The entire process of selection tends to be time consuming and mostly it is on the basis of the candidate’s resumes. However, in this bargain, they tend to forget the candidate’s personality attributes which are extremely critical for any organisation. Hence, as our tag line states, “Right person for the Right job”, it helps in clearing the confusion and selecting the candidate not only on the basis of his/her CV, but also on the basis of his/her personality attributes.

C-GET II uses all the scales that are scientifically proved. The main benefit of C-GET II is to help to gauge the fresher’s and existing individual’s strength and weaknesses at the personal front. Since, the product focuses on four various dimensions, it helps in gaining and holistic view the individual’s understanding about oneself and also aid he individuals to develop an insight regarding the same. C-GET II is beneficial for individuals who are 18 years and above. Also, another beneficial aspect of the product is that, since all the scales are based on self-evaluations, there are no right or wrong answers and the individual is free to choose the choices which best suit and describe them. With the help of C-GET II, the organisation will be able to cross the boundaries restricted to one’s resumes and will try to understand the individuals beyond the “qualifications”.

In other word, CV + C-GET II report = “Right person for the Right job”

It is important to test candidates during recruitment to gain a probable understanding about the individual. This will help in selection of a suitable candidate for the organisation. Hence, by combining the test reports and the candidate’s CV, the task is comparatively easy for the recruiters to come up with a decision.

TThis test focuses on four crucial dimensions necessary from the organisation’s point of view

  • Self-evaluation Scale
  • Stress Scale
  • Anxiety Scale
  • Personality Scale

Self-evaluation Scale

This scale refers to the extent to which individual’s believe they have control of events affecting their lives. In psychology, the term locus refers to one’s perception regarding the relationship of one’s self with the world and vice versa. In other words, how the individual perceives the situations he/she is faced with. A person’s locus is conceptualized as either internal i.e. the person believes they can control their lives or external i.e. they believe their decision and life is controlled by environmental factors which they cannot influence or be influenced by chance or fate. This test measures a person’s internal and external locus of control.

Age range: 18 years and above

Benefits: An individual will understand how to strike a balance between his internal and external world. One would be able to handle changes in his environment in a better manner and deal with situations at hand.

From an industrial perspective, a company will understand a persons level of internal drive and responsibility.

Stress Scale

Stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial and even healthy. People experience stress when they do not believe that their resources for coping with obstacles are enough. Every individual is faced up two types of stress, that is, Eustress i.e. positive stress and Distress i.e. negative stress. This test aims to measure levels of Eustress and Distress.

Age range: 18 years and above

Benefits: This test helps identify how an individual can manage his levels of stress by engaging in stress reduction techniques. This would lead to better levels of productivity, personally and professionally.

From an industrial perspective, it will aid the organisation to get to know where the individual lies in the stress dimension so that if faced with such situations he/she will be able to deal with the same. By this the individual’s production will not be hampered.

Anxiety Scale

Anxiety is an emotion characterised by feelings of tension and worried thoughts. It is a normal reaction to stressful situation. In other words, anxiety is a state of inner unrest or uneasiness often described as "nervousness." The purpose of this test is to measure anxiety on two levels: State anxiety i.e. anxiety about an event and Trait anxiety i.e. anxiety as a personal characteristic.

Age range: 18 years and older

Benefits: With the help of this test, an individual understands where his anxiety lies. With the help of psychological techniques, an individual can face a particular type of anxiety in a healthy and productive way for better personal and professional functioning.

From an industrial perspective, it will aid the organisation to get to know whether the individual will be able to manage and deal with the anxiety provoking situations effectively. It also helps in knowing whether the individual seems to have more of state anxiety .i.e. if the person seems to get anxious based on a particular situation or trait anxiety .i.e. if the person seems to get anxious irrespective of the situation he is faced with. Through this knowledge the individual can work on his /her limitations accordingly so that it will not interfere with the task at hand.

Personality Scale:

Personality has to do with individual differences among people’s behavioural patterns, cognitions and emotions. It is a dynamic and organized set of characteristics possessed by a person that uniquely influences their environment, cognitions, emotions, motivations, and behavioural science in various situations. This test covers 20 dimensions of one’s personality.

Age range: 18 years and above

Benefits: Individuals are made aware of the different dimensions they have to work on i.e. their strengths and weaknesses in order to function smoothly on a daily basis.

From an industrial perspective, the test allows the company to gauge whether the individual has the qualities for the particular job profile. This will also aid in placing the individuals in the right departments based on their personality attributes.

These tests are administered upon individuals to achieve a holistic perspective to gauge “the right man for the right job” for the benefit of the organisation.