About Us

The Birth of NetStudy

MPTA Education Ltd is an organization in the field of education for almost a decade. The use of modern techniques and latest technology as well as tools increases the effectivity of learning process and expands its geographical reach.Internet is one such tool. Hence, MPTA Education decided to make its foray into internet based education through its portal ‘Netstudy’.

Netstudy will support & enhance effectivity of existing educational programs as well as enable to launch new initiatives. Netstudy will primarily have two domains.

Internet based learning

This domain will have online courses which will enable students to learn from any part of the world with internet connectivity. Initially we have started with

  • Vedic Mathematics - Vedic Mathematics is an ancient Indian Mathematics tool. Vedic maths can be extensively used in competitive examinations where speed and accuracy is key. Vedic Mathematics is online Tutorial with validity of 3 months. After E-Learning, online Certification Exam will be conducted. We have 3 levels for vedic mathematics.

Internet based testing / assessment

The world is moving away from paper pencil test to internet based testing. Various recruitment exams by banks, insurance companies or corporates, entrance exams like CAT or some scholarship exams are few examples of such tests. We have started this domain with

  • Career Guidance and Evaluation test (C-GET) - It is a revolutionary and scientifically designed tool to help individual to choose the right career or profession based on a variety of personal attributes (Interest, values, beliefs, preferences, motivation and skill) In the west the career choices are done at a young age of 12. However in India we still live for traditional professions namely engineering or medicine. But fortunately India is making great strides in providing employment in other creative fields such as fashion, design, music, dancing artwork, web designing media and others.
    C-GET therefore is an initiative to catch the talent at a young age so that the child can nurture to pursue his or her dream. C-GET presently developed for school students of 8th, 9th & 10th Standard.

More offerings

  • Scholarship exams for 8th, 9th & 10th standard students
  • Corporate Training ( Technical & Behavioural )
  • Online test for Campus, non Campus recruitments
  • Measuring Behavioural & managerial traits for working professionals